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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Look!

Okay lovelies, here is my *official* New Years Look! This was a completely random creation, but I really love it! It’s a black to dark plum gradient with a obvious bright blue glitter. I realize the purple doesn’t show up in the cut crease, but trust me it’s there. I used Avon’s Midnight Plum and a black for the cut crease color. MAC’s Electric Eel and Hard Candy Gliterazzti in blue complete the lid color. Add a basic matte nude color for a brow highlight and a shimmery white as the inner corner highlight ( I used a white with blue reflex) and your done! Very simple, but does take patience to blend the crease and wait for the glitter to dry.

*TIP: If your using the Glitterazzti or any other liquid glitter, simply mix it with a clear drying eyelash glue ( I used my Duo), this will adhere the glitter perfectly without creasing it! It also won’t budge a bit, but it’s still super east to remove! All you have to do is use some makeup remover and a cotton ball, or just rub it with your finger ( flashback of playing with Elmer’s school glue as a kid much? Remember how it would get on your fingers and when it dried all you had to do was rub it and the friction would remove it? Same concept here)! Neat huh?

Anyway, here’s the look:

Picnik collage

New Years Eve Look 002

New Years Eve Look 006


If your interested in seeing the products and/or a tutorial for this look, request it!

That’s all for now!


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